Children and Young People Living for Peace

aka CYPLP is not for profit, Pan African Civil Society Organization, that is voluntary, inclusive, youth focused and loose membership association in Nigeria working for open society with spreading chapters across Africa in line with article  19 and article 20 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 10 and 11 of African Charter on Human & Peoples Rights. We exist to translate article 19 and article 20 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights to concrete reality. We rely in existence in accordance to Nigeria constitution of section 39 and 40. We are individuals, people from different works of life coming together collectively to express, promote, pursue, and defend common interest in Nigeria and across Africa. We co-design creative and innovative homegrown solutions to local problems in our communities. We create safe spaces for locales to take lead in delivering solutions to their local problems so that no one is left behind. We are mobilizing young people, youths in Africa for Africa we want. As CSO, our interest is to leverage on the  population of Africa for accelerated productivity and economic growth. We are here to raise and mentor young volunteers for Africa through  the strength of its youthfulness. Showcase African talents and resourcefulness, learn and share diplomatic exchanges in trade and culture to the benefits of the world competitively. In our hearts is power of imagination for human capital development, promotion of transparency and accountability for open governance partnership at the grassroot amongst others. We work to dispel, disrupt and deconstruct negative narratives among young people and the general public, minimize stereotyping and hates, reduces vulnerability of young people into cyber-crimes, then activate and catalyze citizens by putting relevant information into their hands for informed choices. On the recent health pandemic of Corona Virus also known as Covid19, we are working to raise awareness on precautionary measures to curtail spread in Nigeria. We recognize and stand in the gap for child’s rights and safety online and offline. We came essentially to – • Help lift people out of poverty and create jobs through agricultural value chains as sustainable solution to our social security challenges. •Establish platforms for trade and business connectivity between young Africans specifically and those in other continents of the world for diplomatic relationship. •Use of technology to re-engineer and fast track social good ecosystem. •Help and care for young people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, liver problem and other health issues for the well being of indigent including their rights to health. •Promote literacy programs, access to justice to low income iliterate and semi literate communities including those in displaced camps, migrants and refugees. •Help people especially women to start or run small and micro business enterprises that will improve family nutrition and end hunger. •Sensitize and carry out voter’s education to youths and women at local levels for participation and good governance. • Work on micro-financing and financial education for people from low income communities, immigrants/migrants etc. •Focus at risk youths and developing positive programs through sport, arts and music to engage them. •Support domestic violence victims, and sexual assaults minor survivors, including violated children with psycho social support. Recognizing Agenda 2030, our effort through partnership and collaboration with  relevant stakeholders is to join hands in making this ambiguous  goals a reality. Convinced about UNSCR 2250, we are creating more spaces for young people from local  to global peace  actions. Realizing the importance of Agenda 2063, with  a mindset of Africa we want, we are synergizing with other like-minded Africans all over the world to make this agenda a concrete reality. Confirming that peace is what we need for progressive West Africa, we shall pursue passionately for the translation and attainment of ECOWAS Agenda 2020. Work in partnership with other stakeholders against money laundering in West Africa. We came to promote youths and women’s participation in politics and in leadership process. To galvanize youth and women power in building resilience to corruption, drug abuse, radicalization, violent extremism leading to terrorism for global peace.

We affirm that nobody is born a kidnapper, violent extremist, suicide bomber, terrorist etc, but they are all tendencies that are learnt and influence by things around them. We also reaffirm that nobody is born a peacemaker, peace agent, peace activist, peace extremist etc, but they are tendencies learnt by things around us. CYPLP has chosen to target the poorest parts of the society, recognizing that these are most vulnerable to violent conflict, abuse and neglect including HIV and AIDS.  We work to localize, translate and interpret what Sustainable Development Goals mean to rural poor. Connecting children and young people to tangible benefits by simplifying what SDGs is all about. To us, children are SDGs. Using sport, dance, music and drama to communicate our programs have yielded measurable impacts on the lives of our target groups over years, including out of school children. We  work through schools, orphanages and slums with core intent of creating peace of mind to vulnerable children and young people in Africa. CYPLP is self regenerative and sustainable. Be part of the movement as a member. Membership is open to all Africans 18 years above. Join us today –

    To create veritable platforms of engagement of young people, by young people and for young people, through small local actions that can spark big changes in our communities across Africa.

To mentor and raise young social change champions in Africa, spark the spirit of volunteerism among Africans that will drive Africa’s self sufficiency and sustainability.

  • Research and Survey
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Studies/ Case Report
  • Independent Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data Management
  •  Capacity Development
  • Advocacy
  • Concept Development
  • Education and Enlightenment
  • Sport
  • Sexual Assault Referral Center
  • News/Publication
  • Psycho Social Support
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Consultancy

  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Climate Change
  • Youths
  •  Violent Extremism
  • Agriculture
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Renewable Energy
  • ICT 4 Development
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Migration
  • Human Rights and Justice
  • Hate Speech
  • Good Governance
  • Budget Tracking


  • Seminar/workshop via simulation at schools, etc
  • Music and Dance- Open spaces.
  • Sports – football, basketball, snooker etc
  • Outreach and Publication – Press release, interviews, articles, blogs etc.
  • Road walk and Rallies
  • Production and Distribution of  publicity materials- handbills, posters, stickers etc.
  • Media- Radio and TV jingles,
  • Billboards.
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Competitions.


 Since my desire to volunteer with CYPLP organization, it has open a lot of opportunities especially my trip to Egypt to represent the organization for a training; Preventing Radicalization and Extremism Leading to Terrorism. Those whom I met where people I never thought of. My perception of so many things has changed and knowledge increased. Zainab A’shadleeyah

 I was reluctant coming for this workshop – “Young Community Leaders Initiative”. I didn’t really understand it, but I encouraged myself to attend and am glad I did. My mindset has changed on so many things. I have learn new things, and old things in new ways. Initially, I thought my community is where I live. But No, this program presented a new dimension to it, that community starts with me, then my family, neighbors, friends and colleagues, including the people we meet each day. And that if we are to change the world, we can influence change from ourselves, to our family, neighbors, friends and people we meet. That was something unimaginable to me and I thank CYPLP Team for this opportunity. I will go out there and be the change I want to see, and change my community. Thank you Mr Dennis for this wonderful initiative.

Sophia I. Okoubulu

“I thank CYPLP for bringing this program – Road Safety Awareness to my school @ Government  Boys College, Kaduna. Before now, I knew some of the things that are taught to us today. But I never knew most of them the way I have now. One thing I enjoyed about the program was that, it was informative yet entertaining such that all of us were carried along.

I will try my best to pass on this information to my peers and also take to volunteering to drive change in my community. This is best ever experienced program in my life so far. Thank you”. Kabiru Zakariyya (SS 3byStudent).

This program TAX EDUCATION is timely but not everyone will understand it, especially the theme – “when it matters most”. I and my colleagues are happy.  We now know why our parents pay tax and should be paying tax. I am empowered through this program to know that I can hold Government to accountable and demand for open governance and transparency as citizen. My take away is that as I grow, I will pay my tax, and not just pay but pay it into the right source for expected development. Thanks CYPLP Team and please reach  out to others like me too in other schools, so that we can have more voices for amplification in future. God bless. Mariam Musa – Head Girl, Nasscity Academy.

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