About Us


Children and Young People Living for Peace aka CYPLP is s social enterprise, citizens focused, locally led, not for profit voluntary movement in Nigeria. We work for the good of vulnerable children including out of school children.

We work  to be inclusive with the other young people; informal and formal youth groups in local disadvantaged communities  in Nigeria.  We came to defend and protect the rights of the vulnerable, provide water, toilets and hygiene in slums, availing access to justice to poorest poor, through empowerment of young people as active citizens, such that citizens can catalyze change through small local actions that brings solutions to their communities. “Nigeria first”.

*Recognizing Agenda 2030, Amman Declaration, UNSCR 2250 and 1325 respectively, to identifying the power of information technology vis a viz mobile, social media etc and that, young people are technologically savvy, we shall leverage on the potentiality and explore the use of technology greatly and wholly to achieving Sustainable Development Goals in all ramification. 

Bearing in mind that in the next 25 years, CYPLP envisage that it would have created and spread its chapters through recruitment locally in most communities in African states, and that to achieve this  long term goal, is running with the vision of Agenda 2063 for Africa we want.   

Also. identifying with Ecowas vision 2020, we are working with the vision for a clear direction and goal to significantly raise the standard of living of the people especially young people in ECOWAS region  through conscious and inclusive programmes that will guarantee a bright future for West Africa and -shape the destiny of the region for many years to come.

CYPLP has chosen to target the poorest parts of the society, recognizing that these set are the most vulnerable to violent conflict, abuse and neglect.  We work to localize, translate and interpret what Sustainable Development Goals are to the rural poor, and then connect children and young people to it by simplifying what SDGs is all about, stepping down messages for spread and benefits at grassroot level through sustainable approaches to development.

 CYPLP trains and develop school teachers, coaches, caregivers, youth workers etc in the area of  Peace and Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Health and Education, Agriculture and Climate Change, among others. We  have done localized programs over the years that have direct bearing to the lives of our everyday target group. 

We  work through schools, orphanages and slums in hard to reach locations, with a core intent to create peace of mind to vulnerable children and young people in Nigeria and Africa. As social enterprise we shall forge to empower young people especially girls with relevant skills necessary for job creation through technology and agricultural value chain.

Our strength is embedded in grass-root mobilization, aimed at addressing small  problems before they turn into bigger ones. We exist to stand in the gap as voice to the voiceless children,  with great passion to render service above self at all times as volunteers.

That, together we can touch lives, and change lives of millions of young vulnerable people with just the little things we can do. We are self help initiatives helping our selves for a better society.

Our vision is to reach out to children during formative age, to educate and enlighten them on the culture of dialogue, tolerance, patience and love in their early formative years so that as they grow up they can grow up with it.

Our mission is to present veritable platforms of engagement for children and young people in hard to reach local communities in Nigeria.


  • Research and Survey
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Studies/ Case Report
  • Independent investigations/Monitoring/Evaluation
  • Data gathering/ Data management
  • Training and Capacity Development
  • Advocacy
  • Concept Development
  • Education and Enlightenment
  • Sport
  • News/Publication
  • Psycho Social Support
  • Social Program Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Consultancy


  • Peace building and Conflict Resolution
  • Climate Change
  • Youths
  • Radicalization and Violent Extremism
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Health
  • ICT
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Gender
  • Migration
  • Human Rights and Justice
  •   Refugees/Displaced camps
  • Hate Speech

Our Strategies

  • Seminar/workshop via simulation at schools, etc
  • Music and Dance- Open spaces.
  • Sports – football, basketball, snooker etc
  •   Outreach and Publication – Press release, interviews, articles, blogs etc.
  • Road walk and Rallies
  • Production and Distribution of  publicity materials- handbills, posters, stickers etc.
  • Media- Radio and TV jingles, billboards.
  • Competitions.


 Since my desire to volunteer with CYPLP organization, it has open a lot of opportunities especially my trip to Egypt to represent the organization for a training; Preventing Radicalization and Extremism Leading to Terrorism. Those whom I met where people I never thought of. My perception of so many things has changed and knowledge increased.

Zainab A’shadleeyah



 I was reluctant coming for this workshop – “Young Community Leaders Initiative”. I didn’t really understand it, but I encouraged myself to attend and am glad I did. My mindset has changed on so many things. I have learn new things, and old things in new ways. Initially, I thought my community is where I live. But No, this program presented a new dimension to it, that community starts with me, then my family, neighbors, friends and colleagues, including the people we meet each day. And that if we are to change the world, we can influence change from ourselves, to our family, neighbors, friends and people we meet. That was something unimaginable to me and I thank CYPLP Team for this opportunity. I will go out there and be the change I want to see, and change my community. Thank you Mr Dennis for this wonderful initiative.

Sophia I. Okoubulu

“I thank CYPLP for bringing this program – Road Safety Awareness to my school @ Government  Boys College, Kaduna. Before now, I knew some of the things that are taught to us today. But I never knew most of them the way I have now.

One thing I enjoyed about the program was that, it was informative yet entertaining such that all of us were carried along.

I will try my best to pass on this information to my peers and also take to volunteering to drive change in my community. This is best ever experienced program in my life so far. Thank you”.

Kabiru Zakariyya (SS 3 Student).

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