Apple Developer Enterprise Program License Agreement

A surprising element that we discovered through Apple`s corporate certificate program is that this is not a new way to bypass the App Store; For years, it has been considered one of the most smoky pipes in Apple`s platform infrastructure. While this type of reliance on internal applications is reserved for the largest software companies, the distribution of tools with the Enterprise program to your employees is a widely accepted practice in the technology industry. If your employees use iPhones and you need mobile tools that only your employees can access, The Verge sources say the company`s program is the best option. Is it possible to see the full license (conditions of use) of the iOS Enterprise Developer Program before going through the entire registration process for the program? Historically, the program is used to test and distribute applications in-house before being sent to the App Store for official verification. Google, Facebook and countless other app manufacturers use the program to test internal versions of iOS software, such as Instagram and Google Maps, before these versions become official updates, a process that many companies say is a necessary part of large-scale development to avoid errors, security vulnerabilities and improve overall software quality. Apple advertises so that companies can distribute apps that are only suitable for employees. For example, Google has one to manage its employee shuttles to and from San Francisco and its headquarters in Mountain View, like many other major technology companies in the Bay Area. Agreements are made with you to protect unauthorized use and disclosure of such a confidential audit from Apple to authenticate your organization`s information, validate your intended use of the program, and ensure that the App Store, Apple Business Manager, ad hoc distribution or TestFlight do not adequately meet your requirements. Your organization must have a D-U-N-S number, which is a unique nine-digit number assigned by Dun-Bradstreet and widely used as the default business identifier. You can check that your organization already has a D-U-N-S number and request one if necessary. They are free in most jurisdictions. Your organization must also have a publicly accessible website with a domain name assigned to your organization. In addition, we can contact your organization to check for more details and evaluate your use of the program.

If you extend your membership, your organization will be reviewed. Apple reserves the right to reject your application at its discretion. In addition, Apple plans to require developers to verify their identities using two-factor authentication.