Australia And New Zealand Superannuation Agreement

However, if you are travelling to a country that has a social security agreement with New Zealand, you can apply to be paid upon arrival under this agreement. may only qualify for a benefit outside New Zealand if it is entitled to that benefit under a reciprocal social security contract with New Zealand with that third country. 1. To determine whether a person meets the residency requirements of a New Zealand supplemental pension or a veteran`s pension, the competent New Zealand institution maintains a period of Australian residence of working age for a period during which that person resided in both New Zealand and New Zealand. 3. If a person is entitled to a New Zealand supplemental pension or a Section 6 Veteran`s Pension, the New Zealand supplemental or veteran pension is calculated in accordance with paragraph 1, but the amount to which the person is entitled may not exceed the amount of the Australian pension that would be payable to that person if he was entitled to an Australian pension but was not entitled to a New Zealand pension or a pension. For more information, click here: 1. Except for provisions in paragraph 3, where a person in Australia is entitled to a New Zealand supplemental pension or a section 6 veteran`s pension, the amount of that benefit is calculated under the following formula: (g) “life alone” with respect to the New Zealand superannuation or veteran pension, in accordance with New Zealand`s social security law, has the meaning given to him under New Zealand`s social security law; and “not living alone” has a corresponding meaning; Exceptions may apply to this regulation in special circumstances, particularly refugees who have obtained a permanent protection visa may waive their waiting period to make payments.

Derogations from the residence provisions may also apply to migrants from countries with which Australia has a social security agreement. These agreements generally affect pension eligibility by recognizing the years spent on the contribution to the pension fund of the contracting country as years charged on Australia`s pension requirements. Agreements differ on how the rules are applied and on the payments they can apply. (a) contain provisions guaranteeing, in new Zealand, compliance with the safeguards provided by New Zealand data protection legislation in the information reconciliation agreements and the compliance of agreements with New Zealand`s data protection provisions; (j) “retirement age”: the age of qualification for the New Zealand supplementary pension or the age of qualification for the Australian old-age pension, depending on age, by age, at the time of the day. In order to avoid doubts, the age of retirement thus set is considered an eligible age, whether it is referred to in this agreement as the “retirement age”, whether it is the Australian or New Zealand context; New Zealanders who are 65 years of age or older and living in Australia may be entitled to an old age pension and an NZ pension depending on the level of their working life in each country. 2. With regard to New Zealand, Section 99 (4) of the Privacy Act 1993 applies, for all necessary amendments, to an agreement between the competent bodies of the parties in accordance with point 1 (d). Under Australia`s international social security agreement with New Zealand, New Zealand citizens living in Australia can apply for the Australian pension (if they are over 65), the disability pension (if they are severely disabled) and the care allowance (if they care for a partner on PSD), whether they are protected holders of the CVS or not.