Bulk Purchase Agreements

During the transfer of assets, a bulk sales contract usually contains a provision stipulating that the seller`s business is temporarily closed for stock during the transfer of commercial assets. Le vendeur n`est ni partie, ni prestataire d`un contrat de gestion ou de rémunération du personnel, ni accord ou accord avec un contractant ou un employé indépendant du vendeur (un « plan de performance du personnel »), y compris, sans restriction, tout bonus,achat d`actions, option d`action, participation aux bénéfices, rente, épargne, Retraite anticipée ou plan similaire, assurance-vie en groupe, assurance maladie de groupe ou couverture d`invalidité de groupe, sauf comme suit: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Si le vendeur est partie ou fournisseur d`un plan de performance du personnel, l`acheteur n`est pas obligé de continuer à fournir un tel plan ou tout autre avantage à une personne. The buyer insures and guarantees to the seller (insurance and guarantees that survive the financial statements) as follows: A. Un acheteur est __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ L`acheteur a le plein pouvoir et le pouvoir d`exécuter et d`exécuter le contrat et d`achever les transactions envisagées ici. The implementation, supply and implementation of this agreement has been duly approved and approved by these executives, directors, shareholders, partners and/or members of the purchaser, as provided by the laws in force and the instruments, agreements and documents necessary to control the buyer`s governance. C. As of the date of the agreement, there is, and from the close, there is no litigation or equity, no proceedings before a commission or other administrative or regulatory authority, no ongoing litigation, claim or controversy, or knowing of the buyer, it is threatened, against or interfered with the buyer`s right to conclude and complete the transactions provided for in this agreement. D. The buyer did not employ a broker or research or assumed liability for brokerage fees, commissions, research costs or similar fees or expenses related to transactions in this agreement, and no broker or seller has acted on behalf of the buyer, unless: the bulk sales contract may contain a clause stipulating that the seller guarantees that the items are free and free of any charge, which means that there is no right to pledge against the assets.

The seller can also guarantee that all deposit fees will be liquidated prior to the transfer of the assets. Otherwise, the seller must provide the buyer with a list of all creditors holding pledges on the property and the sums owed for each debt. After the conclusion of the contract, the buyer must conclude his due diligence to ensure that the purchase can be concluded as planned and that there will be no problems after the change of ownership. Buyers should carefully consider the status of the assets to be acquired. Consider building and termite inspections, equipment testing and other physical asset checks. Also talk to suppliers, service personnel and others to check on potential seller requests, as well as customers and potential customers. Buyers should check and check care