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If there is currently no agreement with the National University of Colombia, the guest student must pay the value of the disciplines for which he or she is enrolled. This value will be announced to them if their acceptance is confirmed. If so, but at this point, the link is problematic. It is an antivirus program developed by unal. As a Microsoft account, register your email address For more information, please write to us at to access the Office365: If your home institution has an agreement currently in effect with the National University of Colombia, the guest student will benefit from the exemption from tuition fees and academic fees. It has two main campuses (Bogoté and Medellin) and four satellite campuses (Manizales, Yopal and Palmira) that have moved from the Caribbean to the Amazon, in some of the most remote parts of the country. For more information, you can go to or helpdesk, extension 18,000 or e-training Ltda. 211 2821 – 211 2823. 3. Learn more about thematic areas through the search engine for on-campus interest courses. If IT is NOT POSSIBLE TO LOVE THE DOCUMENTS IN USING THE FORMAT IN LINE, YOU CAN PLEASE THE PDF TO THE NEXT E-MAIL: DIRORI@UNAL.EDU.CO 1.

Choose the National University campus where you want to participate in an exchange. The university`s main campus is located in the village of Teusaquillo, northwest of Bogota. With a 300 hectare Acre, it is the largest campus in Colombia and houses the auditorium of Leén de Greiff and the Francisco de Paula Santander Plaza, also known as Ché Plaza, in honor of Ernesto Ché Guevara. It has its own stadium, where matches are held for the Colombian Professional Football League. There is also another main campus in Medellin, divided into two parts: Campus Central and Robledo Campus. . Dlubal grants students a permanent license in all its software, simply by sending the registration certificate to renew it. Dlubal offers finished analysis software (RFEM) and bar design (Rstab), software very useful for civil engineers or mechanics. Check the list of countries that do not need a visa to enter Colombia Good night, the link to the Download Office 365 does not work. Citizens of countries that are on this list and who are admitted as invited students for less than 180 days apply for entry and permanent authorization PIP2, in accordance with the instructions they receive in their acceptance letter.

Great, it`s true! I have already updated the article with this information. The acceptance letter as a guest student must be e-mailed to the applicant and his or her home university. The original document must be sent to the mailing address of the university of origin. Hi, Spotify is not out for students. While you`re taking the National, the Premium subscription comes out at half price. I wrote this article in 2017 and since then more “benefits” have been obtained, and of course, Mathematica is one of them. To apply as a visiting student at the National University of Colombia, a candidate must be registered as a regular student at a university in Colombia or abroad. . The Office 365 site recently began requesting 2-step authentication.