Content Management Agreement

Duration: The duration of this agreement is one month and automatically extends at the end of the period. The transmission, storage or disclosure of information, data or material in violation of applicable law or regulations is prohibited. These include the sub-part, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; or other intellectual property rights that are used without proper authorization; Materials that are obscene, defamatory or pose an illegal threat. Examples of unacceptable content or links: Warez websites, hacking programs, MP3 and IRC bots. This agreement is a permanent agreement for all customers who use our cloud services. Cloud Services means that all software maintenance, upgrades, monitoring and bug fixes are included in recurring service charges and are proactively performed by Palomino. In addition, Palomino Inc.`s applications are hosted, which is a problem for our customers` resource needs. Property – Palomino ensures that the customer owns all content managed with Palomino Software, including design templates, logos, text and other content that is rendered on the customer`s website. This means that at the end of this agreement, the customer can migrate the content of the Palomino software to any other data format. Palomino will ensure that content for this purpose will be available from an up-to-date backup. User: Anyone who uses a WebPal customer interface to access or modify the content of a website and has a designated account in the WebPal database for this purpose. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties in this context.

No schedule has been agreed orally. This agreement can only be amended or amended if it has been signed in writing by each of the parties. WebPal: Licensed software. These include the WebPal customer interface and access to the WebPal database engine, which is located on a server managed by Palomino. This includes all WebPal modules, currently content management, document management and data management. WebPal is a service of Palomino System Innovations Inc (Palomino).