Employee Health Reporting Agreement Lexington Ky

Food protection services offered by the Office of Public Health are included in the Food Service, Retail Market, Vending, Temporary and Mobile Food Service, Farmer`s Market, Bed and Breakfast, Food Handler Testing and Food Certification Manager programs. Approximately 1,550 fayette County establishments are licensed and regulated. These include restaurants, schools and universities cafeterias, daycares, care homes, hospitals, grocery stores, ice cream parlours, bars, caterers, vending machines, supermarkets, convenience stores, meat and seafood markets, care shops, farm products and markets and permanent and temporary suppliers. The health order of the Health Council #19, #26 and #27, as well as national food legislation and legislation are obtained through inspections, notifications, administrative conferences and formal legal actions. Institutions are monitored on the basis of current rules, usually twice a year. As a restaurant manager or owner, you may need to close your restaurant immediately. Latest Food Plants Sinus Inspection (Excel)Last inspection of the senkgut food plant (pdf)Last inspection of the Senkgut M-Z food plant (pdf) Construction plans for new and processed businesses are subject to approval. Food protection services also include investigations into consumer complaints about conditions in food establishments, including outbreaks of food-related diseases. To report symptoms or suspicions of a food condition, please contact us at (859) 231-9791.

Opening a restaurant, grocery store or business caterer See a full list of the latest results of controls for food companies: Click here for a detailed explanation of the violations. In the “Inspection Type” field, a “1” indicates a regular inspection, while “2” indicates a follow-up check. Food service establishments are subject to more frequent checks at least every six months and, if necessary. Restaurants must publish their latest inspection results in a remarkable location near the business entrance. Points of 85 or more without infringement of three, four or five points are displayed with a numerical value in green, while values of 84 or lower or scores at three, four or five points are written in red. In April 2013, the Health Council approved changes to the food service regulation #19. Click here to see a full copy of the updated regulations. If you want to open a restaurant, grocery store or food store in Lexington-Fayette County, this item should help you access it.

NOTE: You can`t stock up on a local kitchen. If there is a question about whether or not to keep your home open, call (859) 231-9791 and we will be happy to answer your questions.