Facility Agreement In Chinese

2.1 At the request of Part B and subject to the review and approval of Part A, all credit transactions carried out during the term are automatically accounted for in this agreement and considered directly as entities used in this agreement. In addition, at the request of Part B and subject to the agreement of Part A, any subordinate subsidiary or/or other subsidiary of Part B designated by Part B (hereafter referred to as “Part B entity”) may apply to Part A for financing to / (type of entry activity here) on the basis of its commercial needs whose entities are inserted (insert currency here) / These entities are considered to be within the framework of the facilities made available by Part A at Part B at the target level. For financing transactions carried out by Part A at the request of an organization designated by Part B, Part B is jointly liable to Part A of the obligations of the entity designated by Part B under the specific financing agreement and/or relevant documents that have been concluded with Part A in the amount of the facilities. In other words, when an organization designated by Part B uses entities that are granted by Part A to Part B under the facility agreement, Part B assumes unconditional joint and several responsibility for the repayment of the resulting debts. This agreement will come into effect at the signing (or personal seal) by the legal/responsible representatives or agents and the seal of the company/special contract of both parties and will be automatically repaid in full on the subsequent expiry date of the mandate and the date on which Part B will repay all debts and receivables it owes under this agreement in the relevant specific trade agreements. 7.8 The loan under the facilities in its application for use is in accordance with laws and regulations and is not used: for investment in tangible assets or equity; for speculation on marketable securities, futures or real estate, in violation of the rules; providing credit to third parties to generate illicit income; for sectors or purposes prohibited by the state or for purposes other than those covered by specific trade agreements; 9.1.5 Part B does not (if any) meet financial obligations that have a significant negative effect on their solvency under this agreement; or one of the conditions which, if any, is not permanently met for the provision of facilities/financing by Part A for Part B, as agreed in this agreement/any specific trade agreement, and Part B does not lift the same remedies within forty-five (45) days after Part A informs Part B in writing, the same remedies as those required by Part A; 3.4 The specific duration of each loan or other instrument within the amount of facilities is determined on the basis of The operational needs of Part B and the management rules of Part A, whose maturity may be less than the expiry term of tenure of facilities, unless Part A. 6.2.1 otherwise requires it, by imposing loans or other credits within the limits of the facilities on the terms set out in this agreement and specific trade agreements; When Part A approves Part B`s request to carry out a specific credit transaction, the specific trade agreements concluded by and between Part A and Part B with respect to the specific credit transaction (including, but not limited to the request for a specific loan, framework contract or commercial contract), are an integral part of the facility agreement. Key conditions, such as the specific amount, interest rate, duration, purpose and cost of any loan or other credit transaction, are defined in specific trade agreements and business vouchers (including, but not limited) confirmed by Part A and Part B.