Federated Farmers New Zealand Contract Milking Agreement

For the contractor, it is a cost structure, not necessarily revenue per kilo. When asked about the price of a contractor, she said something between $0.80 and $8.80. One of their richest dummies was $0.80 per kilo, but it had low costs and high milk production on a flat farm. Members take advantage of our top-level agreements with an average 80% discount and the use of the free 0800 FARMING tip line for this extra security to help you if you need it. 1. Many farmers use the Federated Farmers New Zealand Milking Contract. It is a comprehensive agreement. If you want to present or use some other form of agreement, make sure it covers everything and that you get advice if you don`t understand any of its terms. You must keep a signed copy of the employment contract for each staff member. This independence is the same as that of the “Sharemilker” and is essential to this type of trade agreement.

The fact that the contract caterer is not allowed to work independently has consequences for the operator because it changes its relationship with an employer/worker, which means that the operator is then responsible for things such as leave pay and sick leave. As with the co-notification agreement, the contractor is working to implement the operator`s operating policy. “And the contract caterer says to me, `I`d like him to tell me what he wants,`” Robinson said. 6. If you are a dealer, inspect the yard thoroughly, including all blocks, breeds, water and stables before entering the CMA. If you have any questions, make sure they are posted to the farm owner before signing. “I want to talk about formal communication, not just casual discussions in the milking shed or on the motorcycle or tractor,” she said. Dairy farmers` contractual models have been warned to take appropriate due diligence before signing agreements with farmers. It says that an agreement should always contain a budget for the contract caterer, which includes an estimate of revenue and expenditure based on actual operating figures.