Microsoft Products And Services Agreement Program Guide

MPSA offers higher benefits from your licensed assets, more flexible purchases and simplified asset management through an improved contract structure, a new purchasing platform and modernized systems and tools. An always green agreement with a much simpler contractual structure A purchase account is a buying entity within your organization that you create to order and manage products and services by registering them with an MPSA. This account can be opened to a department, a partner, a subset of staff or to your entire organization. Each purchase account is registered only once and each account is assigned to a type of commercial, academic or government sector. You can have purchase accounts from different types of sectors on an MPSA. A purchase account is referred to as a contract administrator. The contract administrator manages mpsa, monitors the participation of other purchase accounts in MPSA and can display assets on all accounts. Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is a transaction licensing agreement for commercial, government and academic organizations with 250 or more users/devices. MPSA is most appropriate for organizations that wish to license Microsoft for software, cloud services or needs, without an organization-wide obligation under a single, endless agreement. You don`t need a minimum input to start buying through MPSA. However, to obtain A-level purchase authorization, you must purchase at least 500 cloud points or services for at least 250 users in each active product pool on the anniversary of compliance.

The anniversary of compliance is set as the anniversary of the month in which you sign your MPSA for the first time. When you register a purchase account, select a type of account (commercial, academic or government). When buying, product points are grouped into product pools for each type. Account B, for example academic to academic or commercial to commercial. For commercial accounts, the collection volume determines the price level of each product pool. Program manuals for the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). Integrated transaction purchase for software and online service guides for the independent Vendor Royalty Software (ISVR) Licensing Program. Providing new and improved and easy-to-use systems and tools to manage your Purchase Accounts licenses for displaying different entities and subsidiaries Program notebooks for enterprise subscription agreements and registrations (EAAs) and business subscriptions (EAS).