Move Azure Subscription To Enterprise Agreement

CSP Direct Bill Certified Expert Service Providers (MSP) partners can request the transfer of Azure subscriptions to their customers using a Direct Enterprise Agreement (EA). Subscription transfers are only allowed for customers who have accepted a Microsoft customer contract (MCA) and purchased an Azure plan with the CSP program. 6. Select subscriptions in the left zone. Depending on access, you may need to choose a billing area and then choose Azure subscriptions or subscriptions. The transfer takes about five minutes. Once the transfer is complete, select > subscription management, then update the subscriptions. If you are an administrator of two accounts, you can transfer a subscription between your accounts. Your accounts are conceptually considered accounts of two different users, allowing you to transfer subscriptions between your accounts. For more information on the steps you need to take to transfer your subscription, see the billing status of an Azure subscription. And because we have network resources like Recovery Services Vault, we can`t move resources between the two subscriptions because they fail. The subscription transfer to the Azure portal is available for the types of subscriptions listed below.

Currently, the transfer is not supported for the free or azure trial version in Open subscriptions (AIO). You`ll find a bypass by moving resources to a new resource group or subscriptions. Contact Azure Support to transfer other subscriptions such as support plans. To transfer an Enterprise subscription to a single subscription with Pay-As-You Go rates, you need to create a new support request on the Azure Enterprise portal. To create a support request, select – New request for assistance in the support and support area. Work with your CSP partner to create Azure-ApSP destination subscriptions. TL;DR: Can you transfer a subscription and its content from a company contract to a paying customer? 3. If you are working with a partner, we should consider updating the partner IDENTIFIANT for that subscription. You can convert to an MCA subscription that is much the same as PAYG, but you don`t receive any specific benefits from CSP.

Select the destination subscription and click on the next step.