Tourism Marketing Agreement

The marketing arm of the Seychelles Tourist Board (STB) and its national counterpart, Air Seychelles, have officially renewed their joint marketing agreement. This agreement will further strengthen their collective support for the promotion of the destination. Francis, StB`s chief executive, said at the signing that cooperation between the tourism office and the country`s national promoter remained essential to allow the destination to prosper. The document discusses long-term partnerships between the two organizations, including the participation and visibility of both parties in important tourism events. These events include measurements and measures, introductory trips, product presentations and workshops (among others). Air Seychelles maintains an excellent partnership between STB, with the two organizations pursuing similar objectives. Following the signing of this protocol, we will continue to work closely with STB through several joint marketing and public relations initiatives to expand our market presence in the region. From November 27, 2019, we will also expand our presence in our latest destination, Tel Aviv. The agreement, signed in the presence of Ms. Jenifer Sinon, Deputy Director of STB, and Mr.

Charles Johnson, Deputy Commercial Director of Air Seychelles, covers various areas in which both parties are stakeholders and covers many collective marketing activities. The signing ceremony was again held at the STB headquarters in Mont-Fleuri and was represented by representatives of both organizations. He added: “As part of our commitment and efforts to increase the number of visitors to the island and to continue to promote Seychelles destinations through our network and beyond, we are pleased to once again expand a moU with STB.”¬†As part of our mandate to support Seychelles` economy, it is important that the national airline works with key stakeholders to ensure that Seychelles and the national airline remain visible globally,” said Remco Althuis, Managing Director of Air Seychelles. “STB recognizes Air Seychelles` enormous contribution to making the destination more accessible. As STB continues its mission to make Seychelles visible as a tourist destination, we are grateful to receive the support of our national airline. By signing the MoU today, we are not only agreeing with cooperation, but our two organizations are demonstrating their commitment to a greater scope of Seychelles and calling for a wider traveller,” Francis said. It also stressed that it was pleased that both institutions had reaffirmed their commitment in the interests of the objective. Air Seychelles offers services at the regional level through its regular flights to Mauritius and Madagascar. They also offer international flights to Johannesburg, Mauritius and Mumbai. The airline recently announced the opening of a new line, with the opening of a new service connecting Seychelles to Israel`s largest metropolitan area (Tel Aviv) last November.

Ms Sherin Francis – STB Chief Executive and Air Seychelles Chief Executive Officer – Mr Remco Althuis signed a Memorandum of Understanding at STB headquarters on Monday, July 22, 2019.