When Not To Sign A Prenuptial Agreement

Most importantly, says relations expert April Masini, make sure the prenup was signed and executed by both parties before going down the hallway. “Preconjugal agreements can be decisive in protecting the interests of both you and your close spouse,” says Ted Bond, who has established a family and business practice in Illinois. “While many couples avoid discussing this troublesome topic, a marriage deal can become very valuable in the future.” Although her divorce contract gave her enough money to preserve her quality of life while completing her phD, she still regrets not signing a prenup. “I wish we`d decided on those terms in advance because it was so emotionally traumatic to fight them, when we were also going through a breakup,” she said. This is a common pro-prenup argument: it is best to plan for the worst before this happens and when they are happy in love. Of course, exploring “What if?” -Scenarios about the fall of your relationship may seem like a romantic killer, but you`re both more inclined to approach it with compassion than if things between you two weren`t so brilliant. Whether you`re designing a prenup before your wedding or a post-marriage agreement soon after, it`s always a good idea to contact a family lawyer if you have any questions before signing it. This approach can protect you from unknown legal jargon that goes against the spirit of your agreement. According to the FindLaw.com website, “pre-marital agreements (also known as marriage contracts or prenups) are a common legal step before marriage. A prenup establishes the property and financial rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce. While no one thinks about getting divorced when they get married, about half of all marriages in America end up in divorce proceedings.

This is why it is often wise to consider at least one marital arrangement. If you want to learn more about prenupential agreements or if you have other questions about the process of designing a prenup for you and your future spouse, visit Rocket Lawyer. You have access to family lawyers who can answer your questions and a wide variety of documents you need when you start your new life together.