Adtu Collective Agreement

ADTU asked SD 70 to “ask the government to suspend Bill C 22 and allow a mediator to bring the two parties together” to develop a collective agreement. The bill also criminalizes the protection of class size restrictions and support for special needs, he said. And it creates the conditions for an increase in resources. “We will not be able to fund the challenges that affect learning conditions.” Education Minister George Abbott introduced the bill Tuesday afternoon in Bill B.C. The Education Improvement Act requires a cooling-off period, the appointment of a mediator and a ban on strike action, with significant monetary penalties for both individuals and the BCTF, in the event of work stoppages during this semester. ADTU President Ken Zydyk appealed to School District 70 administrators at their Tuesday night meeting. Other teachers` unions on the island said they would hold strike votes tomorrow, but zydyk was not available to determine whether ADTU will hold a strike vote. ADTU will make a communication to the media on Wednesday, he said. According to the ADTU website, teachers are expected to meet Wednesday afternoon at Steelworkers Hall on Montrose Street. According to the BC Teachers Federation website, these penalties amount to USD 475 per day for individual teachers, $2,500 per day for union officers and at least $1.3 million per day for the BCTF. The proposed law sets the conditions for depriving teachers of their professional rights, professional development and labour rights, Zydyk said.

“I don`t think we should be fooled by that,” Zydyk told the title administrators. “It goes beyond the net zero mandate.” Abbott`s legislation could last up to a week. Alberni District Teachers Union President Ken Zydyk called on SD 70 to ask the government to suspend the imposition of a contract and appoint a mediator. The bill was introduced shortly after the Employment Commission, after the union decided that it could withdraw its services for three days in one week if it gives 48 hours` notice to students, parents and school districts. After the first strike, the union could also withdraw the service for one day a week. Wong`s personal opinion is that he is disappointed by LRB. He was particularly interested in the mistake that a teachers` strike will have on families in the Alberni Valley, who will be forced to strike other childcare facilities. SD 70 supported ADTU two weeks ago by asking the government to appoint an independent fact-seeker, and the union needs its help, Zydyk said.

The Alberni District Teacher`s Union wants District 70`s help in overturning legislative proposals that would impose a contract on B.C teachers. Port Alberni Professor Ian Thomas was among more than 30 colleagues who gathered Monday afternoon on Tenth Avenue and Redford Street. ADTU asked for the assistance of School District 70 to repeal laws that would impose a contract on B.C teachers. After the meeting, Chair Glenn Wong stated that the directors had not had an opportunity to discuss the proposed legislation or the LRB decision. “But we have always been sensitive at the end of this dispute,” he said. The strike will be a particular burden for high school students. “They`re working on a semi-annual system where every day counts,” Wong said. “If it goes on for so long, how are the students going to make up for it these days?”