Agreement Determination

A contract may be terminated or designated when a contracting party behaves in such a way that its conduct is considered legally unlawful so that the other party has the right to terminate the contract. This can be done in two ways: either by a provision of the common law, in which the culprit must have committed a violation of principle or refusal and the innocent party must have been elected by a word or deed to accept the refusal, or by a contractual decision in which a party can legitimately determine the contract by the exercise of powers expressly provided for in a termination clause. 6.14 The above procedures must not prevent a member`s authorities from promptly launching an investigation, making interim or final conclusions, or applying interim or negative measures, in accordance with the relevant provisions of this agreement. 6.7 In order to verify the information transmitted or to obtain further details, the authorities may, if necessary, carry out investigations on the territory of other members, provided that the companies concerned are obtained and informed by the representatives of the government of the member concerned, and unless that member objects to the investigation. The procedures described in Schedule I apply to investigations carried out on the territory of other Members. Subject to the obligation to protect confidential information, the authorities make the results of these investigations available to the companies to which they belong, or transmit them in accordance with paragraph 9, and may make it available to applicants. The concept of “provision” for work contracts generally refers to the termination of the contractor`s employment under the contract. Contracts may provide for the recognition of the contractual obligations of the contractor by the employer or the contractor in the event of an infringement to the other party. This may be the case when one of the parties no longer fulfils its contractual obligations. B, for example, if the contractor no longer performs the work on a regular and thorough basis.

However, the treaty itself is maintained, as are the rights of both parties. 8.2 Exporters only request or accept price commitments if the importing member`s authorities have positively established dumping and harm caused by such dumping.