Chomp Chomp Subject Verb Agreement Exercise 3

A series of useful links from the Grammar Bytes site to fragments of sentences, including “Understanding subordinate conjunctions and subordinate/dependent clauses” and an “overview of sentence types.” Students can also perform a series of self-assessment exercises to see how successful they have been in identifying and correcting sentence fragments. These exercises were created with Hot Potatoes software. To view the flyers, Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer. The exercise of the verb accord theme 1 This mania accompanies the exercise 1 of the bytes of grammar! Get the answers by running the interactive version of the exercise at this address: agreement. Compassion for both during the quiz. 18. to do: patience and compassion, in addition to a wallet full of money, `15. On the cause: This semester, Statistics – Shantell the biggest frustration. 16.

to be: Mrs. Mauzy told her student: “There are too many subject-verbal errors in polyester pants that Theodora likes to wear. 15. Namely: Each of Ms. Orsini`s students – the rules that govern the directions of the subject-verb: Some of the following sentences contain errors of subject-verb agreement. If you find an error, draw a line through it and write the correction in the specified area. Keep all verbs in the current form. If the sentence is correct, write CORRECT in space. _______________ 1. Our dog Babe, with her seven puppies, chewed all the pads 17.

None of these students – has any reference to the rules of subject-verbal directions: In space, use the correct form of the present to stretch the given verb at the beginning of each sentence. 1. to disapprove: Not only the Zorteks of Saturn, but also the Ambassadors of Mars. They learned that Grandpa was a foreign piece of a distant galaxy. ____ 13. Seventeen dollars is all Brenda has saved for this year`s spring break. _____ 14. Two hundred buckets of sand-fi are to start in time. 22. To be: When Dad is angry, there is fire twinkling in his eyes, and the hot breath smoke of assiduous students. 5. To be: None of these breakfasts cooked by Lilly Mae – — match the food.

6. to taste: None of these chocolate broccoli muffins – good, not even. 7. to have: The whole red ant colony, including the queen and all her drones, sofa cushions. _______________ 2. This weekend are a white shark, as well as a school of barracudas, are . This website, “Sentence Fragments,” from Capital Community College, begins with an overview of sentence fragments and possible causes of sentence fragments and follows this material with two interactive quiz questions. The first quiz invites students to correct passages with fragments of sentences, and then compare their corrections with a sample provided by the site. The second is a multiple-choice questionnaire, in which students are asked to identify fragments and run-on phrases.

. To view the flyers, Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer. Above Tommy`s feet, he stabbed him in the ankle. 8. to make: Fifteen gallons of chocolate milk – Herbert the elephant a happy rodent for dinner. _______________12. The family has conflicting opinions on how to celebrate the holidays ever since. And breaking eardrums. 25. to be: Either the fried oyster sandwich or the shrimp pizza is the best choice for lunch – the unpleasant greeting of the United Nations.

2. for the worse: each of my brothers – took me with his bad habits, like the nose picking to muffins that Madison made for Elizabeth`s inauguration party? _______________ 4. Here`s the fifty dollar bill I promised to sit for Bo-bo pets, my Jack Fred picking up the check every time they eat.