Maid Agreement Malaysia

Foreign domestic aid workers can work in Malaysia for as long as they want, but it is subject to reciprocal agreement between employers and foreign aid workers. In 2017, the Ministry of Labour and the Malaysian Association of Foreign Cap Agencies signed an agreement on the protection and welfare of domestic workers from immigrant backgrounds. “The MoU is very important to both countries and will protect Cambodian maids from human trafficking and labour trade if signed,” he said. He said the situation had improved since the Ministry of Labour agreed to send labour to Malaysia through recruitment agencies that had promised to monitor their welfare. The employment contract is also called a service contract or written legal agreement between the employer and the worker. Basic information such as data on employers and workers, the amount of wages, the duration of the work, which are clearly mentioned in the contract, so that they can protect the rights of both parties. He added that, according to official data from Malaysia, more than 8,000 Cambodians were legally working there as maids. This figure decreased after Cambodia banned the secondment of workers to Malaysia in 2011. Khun Tharo, a program coordinator at the Center for Alliance of Labor, said Thursday that Cambodian workers work in Malaysia in agriculture and sectors as well as in good ones.

In a statement, it was said that the agreement includes training and providing a telephone to maids to communicate with their families and the Cambodian authorities. He said he was encouraging the Ministry of Women`s Affairs and the Malaysian government to complete the process of signing the Protocol on Human Trafficking with workers, especially the maid. I`m not sure all the employers out there are really familiar with Maid`s Indonesian employment contract. Normally we get the first good year by the agent we get an employment contract. Then we renew the service authorization with Derine and immigration every year to prevent it from flowing. “Today we talked about the procedure for selecting, training and sending our workers and domestic workers to work in Malaysia, and we agreed by setting the date for the first group to be sent to work in Malaysia on June 1 of this year by the new system,” he noted. This year (2019) a little different from what it was previously divided for the year (2013), To enter the KBRI i only at the entrance to the 2nd door (no need to queue with the amount of passport) and watch you will go directly to some counters for the deposit. The staff will check all documents and check for them the amount of payment and other information indicated in the contract with the maid. The Ministry of Women`s Affairs wants the Malaysian Ministry of the Interior to speed up the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to combat human trafficking to protect Cambodian workers, especially domestic workers, in that country. Mr. Samheng said he had met three times with the Malaysian minister to discuss the process of recruiting, training and sending maids for safe work.