System Administrator Confidentiality Agreement

UD staff, as defined in this directive, must review this directive and sign a form for each of the administrative systems for which they need access. Copies of this form can be accessed electronically. In addition to the employee signing the form, the employee`s line manager and a system administrator of the system for whom he or she needs access must sign the agreement one after the other before sending the completed form for archiving purposes to UDit`s COMPUTER risk management office. In cases where the employee is a system administrator on the system for which he is seeking access to the request, a representative of the data owner will sign both as supervisor and system manager. Agreements are maintained centrally. Since the position regularly places them in positions where they are exposed to sensitive information, such as data and passwords, that belong to both other students and sometimes to teachers and collaborators, I would like each of them to sign a confidentiality agreement or an NDA document that explicitly describes the appropriate behavior I expect of them with respect to the sensitive/confidential information of clients. The access rights necessary to execute a contract are revoked immediately after the expiry date specified in the signed confidentiality agreement, if one of them has been provided, or after the termination of employment. To ensure that accurate records are managed, user access is verified annually. System administrators should check access rights at that time. Although university staff are not required to sign the agreement, the Committee urges each department to consider adopting this agreement, if necessary, and to establish an internal process in which staff can certify it both on hiring and on an annual basis. If this agreement does not exactly meet the specific needs of the departments, directors should discuss the changes with the Office of General Counsel. Examples of unauthorized use of an employee`s authorization are: Edition: According to your other article on the one you found, Wyoming and your site may have different government/urban laws on NDaes.