Agreement School

CONSIDERING that the student has voluntarily applied to attend the Enterprise School instead of the local school assigned by the student, has verified the mission and statements of values of the Enterprise School, believes that he would benefit from attendance at the Enterprise School and is committed to doing his best to achieve excellence in education; Keep me on the way to school, to school and on the way back to the 2 meter rule of social distancing and keep me at all times on the school grounds according to the rules of social distancing Only use the equipment in my backpack. Do not mingle with other children at school outside my bladder Based on class rules and the student code of conduct, students miss the break and receive notification to parents of behavioral breaches. Notifications must be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher the next day. The JTFS Contract Directive was developed by a committee of parents and collaborators to strengthen practices and develop habits among our students that promote academic success and ensure the best possible learning environment. Each year, students, parents and staff are invited to sign our JTFS Compact to commit to their part of this agreement. As a school of choice, compliance with the principles of this agreement is a prerequisite. It is our responsibility to monitor compliance with student regulations and to intervene to bring students and families to meet our expectations. The general complaint procedure is also explained in the agreement, in order to show how parents can address problems of which they are unhappy. My child does not bring items to school or bring items home from school, except for a break bag, water bottle and face mask (face masks are optional) Entering and leaving the school building only by the indicated path ยท A probation meeting may take place after the 9th absence and the student may be asked to bring a medical card for any future absence. The school can also send the district representative for a home visit. .