Cegep Collective Agreement

Students with disabilities (SWD) have been attending CEGEPs for ages and in ever-increasing numbers, but our collective agreement mentions them little or nothing at all. Faced with this void, we have set ourselves the goal of giving teachers a guide on this subject, in particular through this publication. French: www.fneeq.qc.ca/fr/cegep/Conventions_collectives French: 2015-2020-collective-agreement-fneeq-2015-2020-en First of all, you will be briefly introduced to the roles and functioning of the union and the association, two excellent places to understand the organization of the academic world, which also offer good opportunities to improve it. Secondly, information on the rights and obligations of teaching staff will enable new teachers to learn about the main elements related to their work and the collective agreement. Finally, it should be noted that this guide deals with general cases. For more information you need, do not hesitate to contact your local union representative. Click on the following link to download the table: obtaining the mandate (permanence). The purpose of this guide is to familiarize new teachers with the advantages and disadvantages of the university environment. Getting closer to their work environment, with full knowledge of fact, will promote the positive participation of new teachers and make their participation in university life an asset for the whole community.

To date, CEGEP funding for SWD has focused exclusively on supporting non-teaching resources. As important as their role is, budgets for the work of our professional and support colleagues are simply not enough. The guide consists of four sections: Making Sense of your Retirement; phased retirement; The evolution of your retirement pension and insurance. It also contains in the annex a large number of useful documents, such as. B a checklist of pre-retirement procedures, hyperlinks to the various CARRA forms for your retirement pension and a series of formal letters that will help you apply. To find out the dates of the next training sessions, click here To register for these training sessions, click here. To download the complaint form, click here. To download the form for filing an appeal in arbitration proceedings, click here. The information contained in this guide comes from the RREGOP administration manual (Administration Guide), information on the websites of CARRA and the Régie des rentes du Québec (Québec Pension Board), as well as the text and appendices V-1, V-2 and V-10 of the 2010-2015 collective agreement for FNEEQ (CSN) teaching staff.

Please note, however, that this guide should in no way be considered as a substitute for these texts. Do not hesitate to contact your union for more information. . The issue of SWD at the university is not a new subject of concern to the FNEEQ or the Regroupement cégep: our long-standing interest in this issue is reflected in the joint deliberations conducted by the FNEEQ`s National Meeting Committee (CNR), in the countless debates within our federation bodies and now in this guide that does not claim to cover every aspect of this vast subject, but rather strive to serve as a central point of reference for all our reflections and reflections on this subject. . This guide has been developed to help teachers who participate in RREGOP better understand their retirement program. It not only provides a summary of the information you need when it comes to RREGOP, but it also summarizes a wealth of general information about the different sources of old-age income in a single document in order to simplify the financial planning process…