Collective Agreement Government Of Nunavut

This resulted in retroactive payments, broken down into tranches, to cover the difference between what they actually paid and what they would have paid if the agreement had been in force in 2014. • an agreement for the employer to allow workers who are victims of domestic violence to accept appropriate requests for workplace accommodation, workload reduction, relocation of jobs to other sites or departments, changes to telephone numbers and verification of calls to work in order to avoid harassing telephone calls. Fennell said government employees began filing complaints about the policy as early as March. At that time, Nunavut public servants, who could work remotely, were working from home during the COVID-19 shutdowns in the spring, but have been back at work since June. “La NOUVELLE hosts its own website and can post whatever it wants. The [territorial government] is not responding to website posts,” Sheila Kolola, associate minister at the Department of Human Resources, said in an emailed statement. To that end, the union is proposing to include phrases like this in the collective agreement: in a letter to members last week, union president Bill Fennell called the decision a “sledgehammer” for public servants and said the government was not consistent about who should or should not isolate. While these difficult issues still need to be addressed, the team is pleased to be able to report that the first negotiation meeting with the GN was both positive and productive.