Divorce Agreement Arkansas

If you are in a more complicated situation, where there are disagreements on issues such as the division of property, custody or maintenance of children, you may face additional challenges. If you and your spouse can`t agree on these issues, a family court is obligated to make the decisions for you. To avoid this more expensive and time-consuming process, you may want to consider a negotiated divorce. However, if mediation is not an option, you will likely need to seek legal representation. If all of the above statements are true, you can qualify for the use of this free divorce form. Click the button below when you`re ready to get started. You don`t need to register (sign in) to use this resource, but if you`ve signed up, click the sign-in link below to access your saved responses. Note: Arkansas is one of the states that allows federal marriages in addition to traditional marriage. This is another type of marriage in which the couple agrees, among other things, to pre-marriage consultation and more limited grounds for divorce if they decide to obtain one in the future. If this is your case, you can find more information about the divorce process in this arkansas Legal Services brochure and you can also read the associated status on our Arkansas Selected Statutes page. To obtain an undisputed divorce verdict, the couple must agree on all matters related to their separation.

Therefore, the parties must negotiate terms such as child maintenance, custody, spousal support and division of matrimonial property. Once a mutually acceptable agreement has been concluded, a conjugal agreement should be established setting out the conditions in writing. Arkansas Legal Services offers a useful online brochure that explains the basics of divorce in the state, as well as a self-help site that guides you through an uncontested divorce. The online divorce package is designed for the simplest type of divorce, but there are some requirements you need to meet before you can use it. One of the requirements is not to have minor children, not to possess essential property and not to be in the military. Basic information about divorce in Arkansas. For more information about divorces, including the risks of removing your children from the state while a divorce is in progress, check out our general divorce page. To see short videos about divorce in Spanish with English subtitles, visit our video site. Learn more about the trial from our court preparation side – by yourself. The most important divorce form in Arkansas is the “divorce petition,” in which you list your grounds for divorce as well as information about you and your spouse. Depending on the county in which you are submitting and your individual circumstances, you may need to complete and submit additional documents.

The applicant must ask another person to act as a witness in court. This person must confirm that the reasons for the divorce are correct and that the plaintiff or defendant has met the residency requirements. The witness must be an adult who is neither a friend nor a friend of the applicant, nor an accused. In addition, the applicant must complete the divorce order (included in this registration file) and bring it to the hearing. Divorce is granted only after at least 30 days after the divorce.2 Classes of education If minor children reside with one or both parents, the court may require the parties, before pronouncing a divorce decision, to attend parenting courses or submit to educational mediation. . . .