Unreal License Agreement

If you give epic Feedback, transfer to Epic all right, title and interest (including all copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights) in such feedback for all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in each country. If such rights are not actually transferred under applicable law, you grant Epic a license to reproduce, broadcast, broadcast, publicly perform, publicly display, manufacture, use, use, produce, sell, sell, offer to sell, import, modify, and produce derivative works based on such feedback and any other use for all current works and methods and methods. future forms of valorization in each country. If such rights cannot be assigned or granted under applicable law (such as moral and other rights) of personality, you waive and agree not to assert all such rights. You understand and agree that Epic is not required to use your feedback. You agree that Epic shall not be required to credit or indemnify you if Epic uses your feedback. You represent and warrant that you have sufficient rights to all comments you provide to Epic to grant the rights described above to Epic and other interested parties. This is not limited to intellectual property rights and other property or personality rights. This license is copied below and is also available with a FAQ at: The UDK is free for educational purposes.