The following are our campaign plans for 2017.

 Cancer Awareness Campaign in Nigeria.
Cancer Awareness Campaign will target 10 schools as point-of -connection within Kaduna State, Nigeria. The campaign gears at raising awareness, education and enlightenment of young people especially girls at schools on breast cancer, checkup for early detection and prevention.
The campaign is packaged to be an engaging and interactive session with 100 students as target participants per school, and for 10 schools. Then raise up young champions for cancer advocacy at grassroot to global stage.
During the campaign, printed informative materials with illustrations- flyers,posters,stickers, will be distributed to target audience so as to inform, persuade and remind them of lesson learned. Also, the campaign is tailored at increasing knowledge of participants so they can grow up with it, and help spread the message among peers at schools and at homes etc.
Recognizing that if young people knows about cancer on time, how to detect it and prevent it, death arising from it would rather be reduced to barest minimum, while lives are save.
We, Children and Young People Living for Peace, is fundraising and is calling on you to support us in this campaign. By donating gift amount to us. Your donation is to help us print educational materials for free distribution during the campaign.
We are fundraising for a total of $500. Any gift donation is appreciated and nothing is small or big.

Campaign will start in May – July2017. Please give your donation now to assist us plan and get materials ready on time.

Interfaith Youth Dialogue

Interfaith Youth Dialogue is a forum crafted  as platform for nexus of young aspiring religious leaders, to meet and interact, share views and opinions, building relationship together even as they grow up influentially.
We are fundraising for $5,000 to hold this epic event.

This program can help reduce vulnerability of young people into radicalization and violent extremism in Nigeria. It can help create avenues of dialogue and springboard youth clerics into becoming peace ambassadors, for enhanced peaceful coexistence. You can  request for more information and details about this.

Drugs Abuse Sensitization

Request for more information about this please.

Water and Sanitation – toilet at schools
Some toilets at schools frightens pupils from coming to school.
This campaign will identify such as this, renovate and build new toilets in schools in poorest of poor communities in Nigeria.

Interested in partnership of this campaign, request for more details.