Children and Young People Living for Peace aka CYPLP is membership based organization. We recruit members online and offline in our various chapters spread across the 36 states of the country including Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

Country chapters in African countries are opening up. You can join and start a chapter or find one nearest to you.

Joining as member is the only way to benefit from the humanity service the association offers. In each state of the country, we have a chapter nearest to you.

Chapters run their programs and activities with guidance from headquarters.

Membership gives room for interested person to becoming part of Board Member of the organization.

Interested person(s) willing to join, can become member of the organization anywhere they are . Membership is open to resident Nigerian citizens of 18 years and above, and Africans resident in Africa.


☆Membership gives you opportunity to meet and network with successful philanthropists and business moguls as coach and mentors

☆Attend our annual conventions

☆Be elected as Executive member of chapter

☆Members are empowered and connected to job opportunities and business partnership.

☆As member, you are eligible to attend youth developmental programs, seminars, workshops and conferences at organised by internatoonal NGOs, ECOWAS, African Union, United Nations etc at all expense paid locally and internationally.

☆Members are recommended with official letter of reference or endorsement, recommendation to other international affiliates, organizations and or institution as the case may be.

☆Window for local and foreign  exchange programs, internship, mentorship and any other available voluntary opportunities presented to the association.

☆Opportunity for soft loans and scholarship.

☆Opportunity to take a lead as youth advocate, networking with other like minded youths across the globe.

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