Our Past Activities


Team visit to displaced Muslim Camp of 2011 post presidential election violence in Nigeria. @ Mando camp Kaduna, where we did  healing program for affected children, youths and women.

Team Visit to displaced Christian Camp of 2011 post presidential election violence in Nigeria. @ CAN office, Kaduna, where we did a healing program for affected children, youths and women.

Motivational, Support and Empowerment Initiative at Kaduna State Rehabilitation center, Nigeria. Where blind, crippled, daef and dumb youths learn and repair typewriters/computers, hairdressing, shoe making, tailoring, welding, Knitting, etc. These guys are creative with energies. Leaving No One Behind.

@computer section for the Blind    @Knitting unit. @Hairdressing section.  @Tailoring section @Weaving section @Shoe making section

@Welding section

@hostel life is unbearable.

We use football to preach and spread social messages while creating awareness and enlightenment. We promote HIV/AIDS awareness among youths through football, promote peaceful coexistence and build resilience to violent radicalization via football too, believing that football is a strong connection point to highest possible number of youths in Nigeria and Africa . This event was tagged “play for peace” football match between communities in conflict and was geared at building relationships and trust.

Event held from 2/6/2014- 6/7/2014. Competition.

Using Basket to teach peace. This event recorded huge success and was tagged – “Basket of Peace” @Excel School, Kakuri Kaduna in celebration of international peace  day 21/9/2015.


@visit to Jama’a mata orphanage home.

Rescue of three days old baby that was garbage-dumped by a mentally derailed woman in Kafanchan.

And a two weeks old baby abandoned @Kachia road.

Working to prevent young people from being radicalized is our priority. We do interacting seminal session @Schools to prevent violent extremism, by teaching youths with skills to conflict resolution and dialogue. This event was to mark International Day of Peace 2016.

Dennis facilitating the session at TBS school, Banawa.

@focused group discussion with youths and women. Access to justice at grassroot program.

Our team promoted peaceful 2015 presidential election in Nigeria, and this was our core mandate. We collaborated and kept youths out of violence, before, during and after the election through this campaign. We did road walk, TV and Radio interviews etc.

Visit to poorest of poor school, Kaduna.

Advocacy visit to National Human Right Commission, Kaduna.

Advocacy visit to head of Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State

Advocacy visit to head of Jama’atul Nasril Islam of Nigeria, Kaduna State.

Dennis Ekwere, our Executive Dircetor brainstorming @ Board Review for development of training manual- Countering Violent Extremism, organised by Cairo Center for Conflict resolution and  Peace keeping. @EgyptWith fellow participants @Egypt.

.   @simulation workshop.

@workshop on Migration.

Step up- program for orphans and widows in Kachia.

Visit to School for Orhpans @ Zonkwa.

We carried out Hate Speech Campaigns via printed flex banners placed at strategic roundabouts in Kaduna State, stickers placement on commercial buses/taxis to help take the message to every nook and crannies of the State, flyers and the use of social media to educate young people on its danger. See samples.

Banner on roundabout.

Campaign to douse tension among citizens. When there was a quit notice given from one part of country to others from the other parts. We use banners and road walks to promote peace co-existence.


   During our monthly mentorship program – Young Community Leaders Initiative.

@Training session.

            All the students say – Peace is Possible. @2017 International Day of Peace at Universal Standard Academy, Nassarwa, Kaduna.

    The event was tagged – Catch them young. Talk, ma music and dance to educate and promote peace.    



Participants told us what are the ingredients of peace.

Our office served as Kaduna Hub for the UN Global People’ Summit on 22nd Sept 2017. The summit was the first ever online conversation with UN during United Nations General Assembly.


Our team brainstorming for social good and the good SDGs – agenda 2030 possible.

We are Goalkeepers of SDGs.

Familiarization visit from Kaduna State Independent Election Commission to our office.

Localizing SDGs is prime to us.

 So we took SDGs to grassroot at Government Girls Secondary School, Kigo Road, Kaduna. To teach students about it and how they can play the active but simple part. But non of the student has ever heard of SDGs in their lifetime before our coming. The teachers never knew what SDGs really are. This program gave them window to know and raised 17 young SDGs evangelists for the school.