We welcome you to our partnership team. And we give our hands to you to serve humanity together. Kindly take our hands and accept our social fellowship. Let’s make life beautiful to someone in dire need. Thank you.

In line with United Nations Goal 17 we form this partnership with you. We recognize the role Corporate and Private businesses can do together with a civil society like us. The UN can not solve all the problems in the world. But with your support we can. One good thing about us is that we believe in team work, we  also believe that two is better than one. We believe in love. And we know you do too.

That you are willing to become our partner. With partner’s givings, we have touched so many lives in unimaginable ways.  And one great way of doing this is when people like you become our Partner.

As Partner, you will join us to do more and improve on what we are doing.There are four levels of partners.

  1. Global Brand Partners
  2. Continental Brand Partners
  3. National Brands Partners
  4. Local Brand Partner

You can simply become our partner when you help us touch and change lives of  millions poorest of poor children and young people in slums who do not  have drinking water to drink,  food to eat, cloths to wear, house to live, school to go, drugs to take and so on and so forth. We recognize that there are so  many things we can do together but we can only start small from now and grow the impact. Please be our partner.

Being a partner comes with many benefits to you. We can help spread your brand’s visibility to millions of young people in media hard to reach locations and places. We simply integrate your brand into our social marketing communication strategy and gain you heart of mind reputation that outlived limitation. As our partners, you will be kept posted on our monthly financial audit and activities. And becoming a partner is just simple.

Do email to

And let get started by filling partnership form here. Thank you.

Or you can make direct wire transfer to


Account Name – Children and Young People Living for Peace

Account Number – 206 822 1009

United Bank of Africa. (UBA)