Tracking Local Budget Initiatives

There are several local and international funds/budget at Local, State and Federal Government in Nigeria that are spent and the public knows nothing to ltitle about how the funds was spent.

When people don’t ask questions about how our monies are spent. That may leave a lucuna for corruption.

Without people asking questions about budget spending, corruption will continue to strive no matter how hard we try.

Our initiative is a concrete attempt to reduce to use publicly avaliable data to push for public financial transparency ecosystem.

Then catalyze for citizen participation in budget  at all levels as active citizens, by asking for budget accountability and transparency, on how public funds are spent. 

Mobilize and track local projects as independent evaluators with reports, galvanize citizens to be interested in budget participation and engagement from conception to execution, and pressed for inclusive governance so that no one is left behind.

The central idea of the initiative is to make budget open and accessible to all citizens in a language he/she understands.