Women Micro Business Insurance Initiative

Women Micro Business Insurance initiative is a self help insurance project against fire that is targeted at poorest of poor local women doing small scale businesses in local communities in Nigeria.

The initiative is geared at stimulating and bringing a fall back support mechanism to theseĀ  set of women in case of fire disaster at places where they carry out daily subsistence business. It is another way of taking insurance policy to the most neglected, for access and enjoyment.

Recognizing that very many small scale businesses that are run by poor women in various marketplaces suffers set back or are liquidated whenever there is fire outbreak in our local markets. These women do not have any fall back that enables them kick back into businessĀ  again. And when disaster happens, it deepens poverty and hunger, and most times affect the general economy of the family especially on children and malnutrition, resulting into forced labor, prostitution and trafficking, including children vulnerability to other social vices.

Our initiative therefore, have come to cover these gaps as platform for business restoration when fire incident happens to women in their place of businesses.Insurance to the poorest poor women.