CYPLP and Creative Industries

The Creative Industries can play a significant role in promoting more resilient and prosperous economies, address social and income inequalities and boost innovation, particularly in Nigeria as an emerging markets and vulnerable country. We strongly believe in creative economy and its size, and is aware of the potentials in providing significant revenue for small businesses and employment opportunities especially to women and youth. Our thinking point is a concrete attempt to address human trafficking and migration, forced labour leading to modern slavery, by exploring virgin and untapped opportunities in the creative industries in nexus with youth-power in Nigeria, thereby  safeguarding, protecting and advancing arts and culture for the acceleration of intercultural dialogue, peace and unity in diversity for inclusive world.   (Sensitization and localization of SDGs for school boys and girls)

CYPLP is organic, voice of voiceless, not for profit organization in Nigeria, with big ideas and deep insight to fight poverty and social injustice through research and enlightenment, education and sensitization. We work for the good of most vulnerable groups, indigents, marginalized and most at risk population. By guiding and providing legal first aid to the weak, we strengthen access to justice to our beneficiaries, and at the same time empowers them to becoming active citizens through global education.

We work with local community members and indigenous people, galvanizing youthful creative energies into positive gains for public good. We influence formative minds to become change-makers and multipliers even as they grow up into leadership role.  (Cohorts of young community leaders initiative)  

We  catalyze the spirit of co-creation of homegrown solutions to local problems while standing in as springboard of solutions to global challenges through small local actions.

At the heart of what we do, is continuum learning to understand the workings of the United Nations we want, connect our beneficiaries to all the benefits therein for them. We monitor and localize how  international protocols, conventions and recommendations are  implemented or can be translated at national levels by finding best ways of marrying them as legal frameworks in tandem to local action plans.  

We came to strengthen institutions, advance democratic norms, equal rights and justice while empowering citizens to hold their government to account.

We broker and harness stronger partnerships with the private sector for the protection of people and planet for sustainable development using “United Nations Guiding Principle on Business and Human Rights”.

(Workshop for private companies in Nigeria on Business and Human Rights)    

Advancing workers rights at workplace is the soul of our work. We stimulate and support employees and employers rights for the achievement of decent jobs and dignity.

Recently we carried out a comprehensive legal research into workers rights in Nigeria and the outcome is published as a booklet titled – “Guide to Nigeria workers’ Rights”   

(Workshop on workers’ rights and the role of pro bono lawyers, CSOs and the  Media)  

(What bono lawyers, CSOs and the media are saying about workers rights in Nigeria)

(Free distribution of “Know Your Rights Guide” pamphlets to workers during International Workers Day 2024 @ Abuja, Nigeria) Download – know-your-rights-guide-phamphlet



Our founder, Dennis Ekwere was wrongly labeled of allegation for kidnapping 8 years old son of his landlord; whom is considered “well placed/strongman” in the society, whereas they had rental issues. He was arrested, tortured, intimidated and detained in police cell for four days, refused access to lawyer and then released as masterminded by his strongman landlord because of his vulnerability. This sort of treatment of citizens and social injustice is still on-going unabatedly and access to justice is still unbalanced to many weak and indigent people living in our communities across Nigeria. (Dennis @ University of Youth Development, Molina, Spain) Click to – Watch the interview

At police cell, Dennis met with 15 inmates age ranging from 18-35 years respectively. They shared their stories of what brought them into detention. And at which Dennis has penned the experience  into a downloadable training manual booklet with a tittle here – Abductor Next Door” 

Inmates at the cell alleged crime ranges from armed robbery, assassination, murder, abduction and kidnapping, rape, internet fraud and cybercrimes, human trafficking, extremism amongst others. He preached for a new leave to his inmates and 1 out of 15 inmates became remorseful and promised a new leave if given a second chance back into the society. The rest 14 inmates told him they have no regret whatsoever in their involvement in crimes even as youths, and if given another chance back into the society, will continue, escalate and intensify their criminal atrocities; noting that crime pays them more, and that they are excluded from their commonwealth by their gatekeepers.

They confessed collectively that crime is a cycle and were introduced into it when they were children. And if interested in changing the curve for societal good, upon his released from detention Dennis should focus on children and prevent early entry, vulnerabilities and recruitment of children and young people into criminalities, violent groups, or exposure and development of criminal tendencies as they were introduced into it while they were children and young people. That, one best way to break the cycle is to prevent and protect children from it on time.

So Dennis reflected on this encounter deeply inside the cell, made up his mind to do something about it, then came up with idea of organizing and formation of social movement called – “Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP)” , a veritable platform with creative solution and deep insightful strategies to prevent new entry, retrieve and exit children, youths and women from violent groups in Nigeria and across Africa through disruptive strategies.

Upon released, he has since mobilized and motivated other like minds in different fields of endeavors to catch up with the vision of preventing children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violation, drawing pool of talents together as volunteers to collectively work for the good of all.

We are every day people, motivated and coming together to contribute to solving social problems in our communities recognizing that our Government can not do it alone. That we the people, are the Government.

CYPLP works to open Government to its citizens for participation and engagement, representing millions of voices of most marginalized children, young people, youths and women online and offline.  We came specifically to promote rights to freedom of assembly and association; by availing spaces for social change through citizens meaningful participation, engagement and trust building.

Rights to freedom of expression is our core focus, rebuilding trust of the people with their government, the private sector, the media, civil society organizations and international community is our primary assignment. Our eagle eyes are constantly on the defense of rights of employers and employees, including gender based abuses and child labor issues at workplaces in Nigeria. We co-design to co-execute locally led programming geared at dissolving difficult social issues simply with indigenous ideas, technology, creativity and innovation spiced with local- common-sense for lasting solutions.

Our unique selling point is in designing lasting solutions with insightful context and content which always  help us generate success stories and wins all the time.

We affirm that when citizens trust their Government, the private sector, the media, civil society and international community, and are ready to involve and be involved, volunteer, cooperate, contribute and synergize collaboratively for inspired actions, that no mountain of social problems are unsurmountable.

Therefore, our strength is in the ability to tap and utilize abundantly  the  energy and creativity abound within young population of Nigerians for radical positive change.

(Interfaith/Inter-ethnic dialogue sessions with clerics, community leaders, youth and women groups against discrimination, hate speech and dangerous speeches)

(Awareness program with young people as multipliers, at school on the rule of Law)  

CYPLP function in line with the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) article 13, operate in line with article 19 and article 20 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 22 of International  Covenant  on Civil and Political Rights, Article 10 and 11 of African Charter on Human & Peoples Rights. We exist to translate and breath to United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Convention (UNTOC) and Protocols thereto. We are giving right to association a meaning and consistently seek to advocate, promote and defend the translation of Section 38, 39 and 40 of Nigeria Constitution to everyday Nigerian.(Climate Action awareness for young champions at school) 

Climate change is our real concern, advancing human rights, rule of law and democracy is our priority, promoting biodiversity and agriculture is a task, 

(Awareness program at school against substance and drug use for  boys and girls as multipliers)

Preventing drug use among young people, supporting wildlife rights, protecting oceans, advocating for end of environmental crimes, racism, dismantling and disrupting misinformation and disinformation, countering hate speech online and offline, disrupt transnational organized crimes among children and young people, youths and women, and above all strengthening criminal justice system in Nigeria and across Africa. (Awareness program on corruption in health sector to students in health technology school) 

Mobilizing local resources and catalyzing the informal economy for improved livelihoods of most vulnerable and disadvantaged youths and women in poor rural communities through skill development is our focus for a more peaceful world.

(Constructive dialogue meeting with the media on fight against substance use and drug abuse).

Leveraging on the youthful bulge population of Nigeria and Africa for accelerated productivity by developing capacity of youths and women through ICT as enabler, entrepreneurship and skill acquisitions for decent jobs and job creationCYPLP Instagram posts (photos and videos) -

(Capacity building of young people on the use social media for social good) 

Accelerating and rebuilding back our communities after disaster stronger through connected partnership and advancing Public Private Partnership (PPP) across Nigeria and Africa in post Covid19. 

Educating, sensitizing and raising awareness among young people on the negative effect of illicit financial flows, energy theft, money laundering, cyber crimes, marine crimes, radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism, against proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

We came to make change happen through legal and policy frameworks for reformations. We came to mentor, activating citizens to hold their institutions accountable for good governance. We are here to spark Africa self reliance.

●Showcase Africa talents and resourcefulness, build bilateral relationships, learn and share diplomatic exchanges in trade and culture to the benefits of the world competitively.

● Working assiduously to equip non state actors in security especially the private security sector vis a viz – “Civilian Joint Task Force” aka (C-JTF), Vigilante groups, private guards, with elementary knowledge on human rights, so human rights violations and torture of citizens at grass-root level is reduced and eliminated. 

●Sensitizing citizens on the benefits of following the rule of law, promote democracy norms and advancing good governance.

●Advancing digital safety and rights of Nigerians.

(Training workshop for non state actors in security)

The anchor to it all is that, we follow, negotiate and influence policies that avails mineral wealth in the extractive industry in Nigeria to the benefits of children, youths and women in the host communities, and pushes for transparency leading to infrastructural development. Defending children and women rights to security and prosperity they need today and in future.

We hold firm that mineral resources belongs to the people, and  the people have all rights to benefit from it.(Promoting water, sanitation and hygiene through menstrual education/awareness to adolescent girls at school)

Recognizing Agenda 2030, our effort through partnership and collaboration with  relevant stakeholders is to join hands in making this ambiguous  goals a reality. Convinced about UNSCR 2250, we are creating more spaces for young people from local  to global peace  actions. Realizing the importance of Agenda 2063, with a mindset of Africa we want, we are energizing with other like-minded Africans all over the world to make this agenda a living.

Confirming that peace is what we need for progressive West Africa, we shall pursue passionately with other stakeholders on the fight against corruption, money laundering  and terrorism financing in West Africa. Believing a new Nigeria is possible, we are demanding with great sense of responsibility on what we can do for our country and not what our country can do for us? 

(Training  workshop and empowerment of small holder farmers)

(Interview of participants during the training of youths and women, small holder famers)

We use sport, art and entertainment as social marketing communication tool to inform, persuade and remind beneficiaries with messages stamped on their subconscious minds so as to shape, influence and change difficult attitudes and behaviors in most interesting and appealing ways.

(Using basket ball competition among boys and girls for peace promotion education program)



No photo description available.

To prepare young multipliers as change makers that will take up responsibilities in future to close democratic gaps and leadership deficits in Nigeria, drive economic prosperity by  influencing decisions and policies, dominating 20% political leadership role in the next 10 years at local, state and national levels for good governance and inclusive development.            


Fatima Adam is Senior Secondary School (SS3) student  of Tarbiyya school, barnawa, Kaduna state.

Our team did a program at the school and thereafter she followed us as volunteer, volunteering and learning, and later became our advocate.

No photo description available.

Happy to announce that she will be joining the first-ever 20 selected youths across the world as cohort to Council of Europe, Rule of Law Youth Network (ROYLN).

She is billed to travel on fully funded travels to Tunisia, Cabo Verde and Spain for training programs within one year and run other activities funded by the Council.

That’s how powerful volunteering could be. We are happy to build her up.

And we wish her all the best.

Trust is a burden.

Press Release | Federation Civil Service Commission Read Lowenstein Saddler LLP press release about us here –


You can be part of our social movement as a member.

Membership is open to all Nigerians and Africans all over the world, that is 18 years above, willingly bringing expertise as value to the table.

To become a member, kindly fill in the membership form here –

    To create veritable platforms of engagement of young people, by young people and for young people, through small local actions that can spark big changes in our communities in Nigeria and across Africa.



To mentor and raise multipliers and young changemakers  at local communities in Nigeria and across Africa, spark the spirit of volunteerism that will drive Africa’s self sufficiency and sustainability.

  • Research
  • Independent Reports  
  • Capacity Building/ Training
  • Advocacy
  • Publications 
  • Psycho Social Support
  • Social Media/Content Creation 
  • Consultancy

  • Human Rights
  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution 
  • Disaster Risk Management 
  • Climate Change
  • Entrepreneurship/ Skill Acquisition
  • ICT  
  • Health and Wellness 
How to Leverage Testimonial Examples in Paid Campaigns
“Since my desire to volunteer with CYPLP,  it has open a lot of opportunities for me especially my trip to Egypt to represent the organization for a training on “Preventing Radicalization and Extremism Leading to Terrorism”, organized by Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution & Peacekeeping in Africa. Those whom I met where people I never thought of.
My perception of so many things has changed and knowledge increased”. Zainab A’shadleeyah

“I was reluctant coming for this mentorship event – “Young Community Leaders Initiative“. I didn’t really understood it when I first saw the advert online, but I encouraged myself to attend since it was a free ticket event, and being that I have been looking for opportunity to learn on how citizen can become active citizen and a leader within his/her community politically and I am glad I did.

My mindset has changed on so many things. I have learned new things, and old things in new ways. Initially I thought my community is where I live. But No, this program presented a new dimension to it all. That community starts with me, then my family, neighbors, friends and colleagues, including the people we meet each day online and offline.

That alone changed my worldview, and repositioned me for a rethink and new actions that led to me beginning to drive influence and change from within me, by myself, to my family, neighbors, friends and people I meet each day. That was something unimaginable to me and I thanks CYPLP Team for this rare opportunity. I will go out there and be the change I want to see, and change my community. Thank you Dennis for this wonderful initiative”.

Sophia I. Okoubulu

“I thank CYPLP team for bringing this awareness program – Road Safety Tips to my school @ Government  Boys College, Kaduna. Before now, I knew some of the things that are taught to us today. But I never knew most of them the way I have learnt now. One thing I enjoyed about the program was that, it was informative yet entertaining such that all of us were carried along.

I will try my best to share and pass on this important information to my peers and also take to volunteering, so I can be part of those making change to happen in my community. This is best ever experienced program in my life so far. Please come again and again. We love your program.  Kabiru Zakariyya (Student).

I enjoy this program. TAX EDUCATION program put together by CYPLP is timely and relevant especially the way Nigeria’s economy is going. But I am aware not everyone will understand it especially its theme – “when it matters most”. I and my colleagues are happy that you came.  

From this program we now understand why our parents pay tax and should be paying tax to government. I also know what government uses tax for and why tax is for development. 

I am empowered through this program to know what my responsibilities are and what are the duties of government and how I can hold my government accountable and demand for open governance and transparency as citizen. 

My take away is that as I grow, I will pay my tax, and not just pay but pay it into the right source for expected development. Thank you so much CYPLP Team and please reach out to other young people like me too in other schools, so that we can have more voices for amplification in future. God bless. Mariam Musa – Head Girl, Nasscity Academy.

As the youngest and only representative of Nigeria, representing CYPLP at the 9th African University On Youth Development I have found myself in a unique position to learn and grow in ways I could have never imagined. Attending this summit has opened my eyes to the complex issues facing our world today, and has taught me valuable lessons about leadership, responsibility, and the importance of standing up for what is right and keeping the stand on amplifying my voice as a youth advocate.
Being the youngest representative at the University has been both a challenge and a privilege. I have had to work twice as hard to prove myself among seasoned diplomats and government officials, but I have also been able to bring a fresh perspective and energy to the discussions. I have found that my age has not been a barrier, but rather a catalyst for change, as I am able to see these issues with a sense of urgency and passion that is often lacking in older generations. Fatima Adams, Cohort of RoLYN by Council of Europe. 







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