Tenement Sale Agreement

Download Model 03: Exemption – Agreement (DOCX 58 KB) Important note regarding stamp duty: Please note that in case of transfer of a mining property from 1 July 2018, no stamp duty will be required. As a result of these amendments, all transfers that do not require the imposition of stamp duty (these are transfers made and filed after July 1, 2018) will be entered in the Mines Register upon approval by the Ministry of Mines. File a mining lease with a mining registrar and prohibit any other business with that rental house during the purchase and transfer process Farmout agreements for example in single party and multi-party versions are separate agreements to be used as part of a Joint Petroleum Exploitation Agreement (JOA). In the single party version, the Farmor, which owns 100% of all Petroleum Title farms, is interested in a farm and an JOA. In the multi-party version, two farmors, under an existing JOA, cultivate an interest in one or more blocks or layers that are part of the oil title for a single farm. At the site of a part of an oil security, the parties to all parts of the oil security enter into an act of coordination for oil securities in order to regulate the interaction of potentially overlapping transactions in any field. In order to earn its participation in the Petroleum title, the farm finances the farmor`s costs during the remuneration period or carries out work in the field of the title and (possibly) reimburses the past expenses incurred by the farmor(s). The gas sales contract, for example, is intended to be used in non-complex wholesale gas sales and purchase contracts in Australia between joint venture sellers and a single buyer. It contains representative provisions typically found in Delivered Gas wholesale contracts. The example of the access instrument is intended to be used for an application for a prospecting licence or an exploration licence that is the subject of another certificate existing in Western Australia.

The deed also applies to all subsequent ownership relationships granted during the conversion of the prospecting licence or exploration licence. It is not designed to deal with underlying pastoral leases or private land. Variable provisions are included in the calendars, such as rental house identifiers, opposition ID and relevant insurance. Alternative and optional type provisions are included in the document in order to include them as agreed between the parties. ask a landowner with a waiver under Section 9 of the Act to enter into an agreement to authorize exploration and/or mining activities in rural areas Use this proposal to enter into an agreement with a person with the benefit of a waiver provided for in Section 9 of the Act to authorize exploration and/or exploitation activities in rural areas; after service of Form 23 to request agreement. The example of the access instrument is not intended as a rigid precedent that can be adopted without modification. Rather, it is a guide that contains representative provisions for all matters normally dealt with in such an agreement. It shall endeavour to strike the right balance on the issues at issue between the parties to such an agreement. It is worded in such a way that it makes it easy to delete or replace clauses that may be at issue. In a given case, a party may have its own preferential clauses or schedules, which can be easily inserted. The Example Minerals Royalty Agreement, the French version (modified by civil law) and the alternatives and optional examples that accompany it reflect international practice in mineral license agreements and are intended for use in non-complex mining projects in French-speaking Africa, metropolitan French and overseas countries and other countries applying French civil law.

The sample agreement can be used (with appropriate adaptation) in non-complex transactions in any jurisdiction with appropriate mineral legislation….