Agric Business School Initiative

The School is elementarily an initiative of CYPLP that is intended to create jobs through agricultural value chains to youths and women as social venture with its subsidiary at

It is aimed at leveraging technology and sharing local farming knowledge and best practice into the hands of small holder farmers so agriculture and farming would be attractive to young people and women in hard to reach communities across Nigeria and Africa.(Group picture of participants of small holder farmer during  our workshop training)

The initiative is a fulcrum to solving and resolving youth unemployment and also for empowerment of women and youth for job creation. 

It intends to create Agric Clubs at primary, secondary and tertiary  schools.

“Agric Business School Initiative” holds the key to bridging knowledge gap among small scale farmers to make them more productive and enterprising through technology and innovations.

It is a platform for everyday farmers grappling with challenges, such as low yields, natural resources degradation, lack of access to information, data and resources; to attend online and offline so as to hone their skills. The school is brought to grassroot farmers at farms with resources on best ways to acquire farm inputs and distribute the outputs to maximize profit.

(Participants during training session)

We are for farmers that are cut off from access to training, lack of knowledge of modern day agriculture techniques that would help them maximize their income.

We strongly believe that if we use Agricultural Value Chain, we contribute in addressing some social challenges in Nigeria and in across Africa for peace and development.

(Capacity building session)

We believe agriculture can change our world for food sovereignty. That when small holder farmers are empowered with the right knowledge especially on climate mitigation and resilience they can improve on their activities and practices, gained better access to improved quality seedlings, go organic, then they we could begin to see significant increase on yields for guaranteed food security for all. 


We go round schools to motivate young people into agric business as veritable alternative to job creations after graduation in future and assist schools in the formation of Young Farmers Clubs at Schools to catch them young.