Photo Gallery





@P/CVE workshop.



Dennis with Engr Ernest Ndukwe, former Chairman- Nigeria Telecommunication Commision. @Alliance for Affordable Internet, Coalition meeting, Abuja.





@Paralegal program in Lagos by JEI/IWEI and NAMATI, USA.







@World simulation workshop on Climate change, by Climate Initiative  USA.






Dennis with Dr Frank Travis, Grace Muaura of Climate Initiatives USA.













When Nexus Fund, USA visited our office.


Dennis with Dr Moses Kpakol, former special Adviser to Nigeria’ president on poverty alleviation. @workshop.





With Prof Mohammed Kyari, VC Moddibo Adama University of Technology, Yola. @workshop in Egypt.






@monetary policy workshop by Central Bank of Nigeria.







Consultation with Chief Elisha Buba, Global Trustee of URI and Interfaith Mediation Center.













our peace model/ambassador












@Migration forum by MADE.






@ World water day.





@ marking international day against trafficking in person.


@ UNDP workshop.