Quick wins and Impact

Human Rights

He was a minor, arrested and detained for 30 days in police cell without trial. He is from poorest poor home and couldn’t afford a lawyer. They were two accomplice charged for culpable homicide.

His accomplice was let go because he could afford bail bribe. Then he was brought alone before the court for trial and was remanded in juvenile home on the first day of appearance in court for another 3 months without trial and brought before competent court of law. He wallowed in pains as minor in remand helplessly.

Upon our visit to the juvenile home, we discovered his case as crucial and took it up. As community based paralegals, we wrote a petition to National Human Right Commission Nigeria, for abuse of his fundamental Human Rights of unfair hearing.

Four days after receipt of our petition, he was released and set free.


We have taken the message of SDGs to school children of not above 18 years and teachers, especially those who have never heard about it before or know what it is all about for the first time. Activating them to be part in realizing it by 2030 with little actions they can do for greater impacts. We have reached 5,000 students and 800 teachers to becoming champions. And can only do more.

Peace, security and violent extremism

Peace education is central to our works and is targeted on most vulnerable. We have build capacity of 10,000 young people as peace extremists, worked through 50 conflicting communities for cohesion, organised 20 youth interfaith dialogue forums and engaged 20 informal youth groups for resilience to radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism.


We believe agriculture can create jobs and is creating jobs especially to youths and women. We have trained and empowered 500 youths and women in agricultural value chains and job creation. This also helps in increased economy of families, nutrition and food security at local levels.

ICT and Job creation

Seeing technology as business enabler, we have trained 300 youths and women on the use of Internet for business startups and leverage for women in small scale businesses for scale up and growth.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Realizing water is life, we trained 250 young people on need to protect our water and oceans, elimination of open defecation and implications to our health, hand washing etc. Our petitions and advocacy has led to provision of 5 newly built water system toilets for schools serving 5,000 school girls.

Climate Change

How can we save the earth for last? Our advocacy have empowered 2,000 young climate activists at grassroot to act now and step up actions for climate resilience for the earth.


Working as community based health volunteers, we have reached 20 communities where access to healthcare is far and wide. We have put first aid health information into the hands of 2,000 most vulnerable in communities where there are no doctors, so they can take reasonable precautions to safety health care first.


Having to serve as sexual assualt referral corner, we have pursue and defended rights of 100 cases of minors, and 50 cases of domestic violence of women.